Cytozyme Launches Two New Products in China

Shijiazhuang, China June 30, 2016—Cytozyme successfully launched two new products as an official ceremony in Shijiazhuzng, Hebei province, China Cytozyme’s Soil100 and CAL3 were introduced with their partner Hebei Jiayuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Cytzoyme’s Director of Technical Support, Dr. Pawel Wiatrak, presented the key features and benefits of these two new products to 80 staff, product dealers, and key executives from Hebei Agricultural Co.

With the continuous cropping and excessive use of fertilizers in China, soils have become alkaline, deficient in micro and macro nutrients, and showing signs of salt deposition. Dr. Wiatrak explained how Soil100 offers nutritional support to promote growth of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms leading to improved soil health, reduced soil compaction, and improved soil structure. These improvements enable the roots to flourish and allow the crops to better uptake and utilize nutrients.

CAL3 is an advanced calcium product that is different from other calcium products because it is naturally chelated. Wiatrak presented how CAL3’s naturally chelated calcium allows for better absorption and utilization, and can aid in supporting healthy, strong cell walls and membranes, protecting fruit from disorders cause by calcium deficiency or imbalance, and suppling calcium at critical stages of fruit development leading to improved post-harvest quality of fruits and vegetables.

CEO Eric Baughman and CFO David Bitter joined Wiatrak at the Product Launch from Cytozyme Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and Yadong Li, Business Manager for North East Asia, traveled from Beijing, China where he lives and works to host the product launch ceremony.

“Given the current soil and yield conditions in China, we are introducing Soil100 and CAL3 at the perfect time,” said Baughman. “Our research and product development remains in the interest of the growers, and we will continue to develop and introduce new products that provide solutions to their ever-changing challenges.”



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