Cytozyme Celebrates Opening of New Facilities with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Salt Lake City, Utah October 21, 2013–Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc. hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the relocation of their headquarters to the City of South Salt Lake on Tuesday, October 16th, 2013. Representatives from the South Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, InnovaBio, Cytozyme employees and their families were among the 100 plus attendees at the new building located at 2700 South 600 West, City of South Salt Lake.

“It was a great pleasure to formalize our official relocation in the new Cytozyme facility this week and have the opportunity to share the event with several important guests and dignitaries from the State of Utah and City of South Salt Lake.” said Eric Baughman, CEO of Cytozyme. “Among the invited guests were also several of our key-business partners and valued associates, whose attendance was greatly appreciated and we are excited to share our new and upgraded facilities with everyone in attendance.”

“What an incredible company we now have in the City of South Salt Lake!” said Gary Birdsall, President & CEO, South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. “Chamber and City officials were honored to be part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cytozyme.  The tours that followed were eye-opening, to say the least. Cytozyme is making a huge difference around the world with its specialized products for use in agriculture and animal production.  They focus not only on the improvement of crop quality and productivity but also are committed to social and environmental stewardship. We are delighted to partner with the team at Cytozyme to ensure they enjoy the highest levels of success!”

The 107,000+ square foot building will allow the company to quadruple their production as they commit to a NEW Cytozyme of Sustainable Solutions to increase world food production. Cytozyme was founded in 1975, but within the past five years they have increased sales 267%, more than triple the revenue of 2007. Revenue has increased 30% alone from 2012 to 2013. The time for a larger building, with more space to continue growth was inevitable.

Following the introductory speeches, Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and a light lunch, the event concluded with a tour of the facilities, focusing on the display of most recent research achievement of Cytozyme.

Roger Tripathi, Managing Director of Marketing & Sales for Cytozyme, who could not attend the event due to his sudden ill health, shared, “We are extremely pleased with our new capabilities, win-win business philosophy and strong growth of Cytozyme which will contribute to food safety, food security and sustainability in agriculture. Cytozyme is committed to sustainable food production through Innovation, for offering complete nutritional solutions, through optimizing expression of natural genetic potential, bringing science and technology to the forefront, by collaborating and building partnerships with growers & other stakeholders, worldwide.”

“I am amazed at Cytozyme’s forward-thinking, sustainable innovation and know they are poised for tremendous growth.” said Mayor Cherie Wood. “I am grateful they chose to be in South Salt Lake and commend them for their beautifully remodeled building in our industrial area. It expresses their vision, their dedication to their employees and their hospitality.”



For over 40-years, Cytozyme has been committed to feed the world responsibly by delivering high performance, proven soil-to-shelf crop solutions using innovative technology and rigorous quality controls. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cytozyme is trusted by progressive growers around the world. Feet-on-the-farm expertise is provided through its industry-respected leadership, a global network of in-country expert managers and select retail distributors. For more information, visit:

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