Cytozyme Delivers Two Presentations at the 14th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition in Beijing, China

Beijing, China April 6, 2016—Cytozyme was selected to give two out of the total 30 presentations at The 14th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition held April 6-8th in Beijing, China. New Ag is the world’s leading annual event for high-tech agricultural inputs and technology.

This year’s event focused on plant nutrition, fertigation and foliar feeding, specialty products, and other important topics for China and greater Asia.

Dr. Pawel Wiatrak, Director of Technical Support, presented laboratory and field research results on advanced calcium solutions for fruit and vegetable crops. The product applied to orchards/plantations at early fruit development stages increased total and bound calcium in several crops including apples, cherries, grapes, blueberries, and kiwis. Wiatrak emphasized that Cytozyme’s advanced calcium solutions help plants overcome physiological disorders caused by calcium deficiency and support premium fruit quality.

In the second presentation, Dr. Michael Canady, Director of Technical Support for Horticulture, discussed the effect of Cytozyme’s novel formulation on nutrient accumulation in plant tissue when applied in combination with foliar micronutrients supplied in form of salts, lignosulfonates, EDTA, amino acids, and natural chelates. This novel formulation enhanced the performance of each one of the tested foliar micronutrient products by upregulating genes involved in nutrient uptake and translocation, and by increasing nutrient accumulation in the tissue. Canady also indicated that the novel formulation moderated nutrient uptake and tissue damage when the foliar products were over-applied.

“It’s an extreme honor to have two of our research papers chosen to be presented at the New Ag Conference this year in Beijing,” said Cytozyme CEO Eric Baughman. “Research is the cornerstone of our company and we continually strive to solve the real and ever-changing issues facing global growers today.”

These are the 9th and 10th Cytozyme research papers selected to be presented at a New Ag International Conference. Cytozyme personnel presented previously at The 4th International Conference on Slow- and Controlled-Release and Stabilized Fertilizers held prior to the New Ag Conference. More than 450 delegates, from over 150 companies, representing 39 countries attended The 14th New Ag International Conference and Exhibition. Cytozyme was one of 14 conference sponsors, and was joined there by distribution partners from China and Korea.



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